The Guinness Blacklist

When Guinness started to compile the Blacklist, they little realised how much people have been experimenting with Guinness. It seems there's scarcely a drink that hasn't, at one time or another, shared the same glass with a Guinness.

Reluctantly, they had to concede that many of the mixtures were found to be surprisingly pleasant, whilst others provoked mixed feelings!

The names given to these drinks differ widely from one part of the country to another. (For example, at least three different mixers go under the name Longship.) Similarly, the origin of many of these drinks is somewhat uncertain and where doubt exists, the Blacklist provides the most entertaining, in not believable, stories.

Arthur Narf
Black 'n' Black
Black Velvet
Calcutta Cup
Guinness and Lime
Guinness and Mild
Guinness Shandy
Guinness Tan
Light 'n' Dark
Red Head
Sensible Shoes
Snake Bite
Top Hat
Trojan Horse
Two-lane Blacktop
Wasp Sting